Resolving technology law disputes through mediation

Glenn W. Peterson

Computers, electronics and smartphones have revolutionized the way people live and work. As California entrepreneurs know, the technologies involved are worth a great deal of money, so when disputes arise, they can get contentious without some assistance. In order to more amicably resolve issues having to do with technology law, the parties can choose to go through mediation instead of going through the cost, time and effort of litigation.

If you are one of the parties facing a legal dispute connected to some form of technology, you may want to consider using mediation. One of the issues that individuals in your position often want is to reduce the exposure of any dispute to the public since it could damage the reputation of the parties in question. Moreover, using mediation could help preserve the working relationship between the parties, if there is one.

Another benefit of the privacy mediation provides is keeping sensitive information and intellectual property information out of the public eye. You and the other party involved control how the dispute ends. You work toward an agreement that is mutually satisfying to both sides. It will take some compromise and cooperation, but the final result is often worth it.

Finding someone to help with the mediation process may not be difficult, but finding someone who also has experience in technology law may be more challenging than you think, but it is possible. Under ordinary circumstances, mediation will work well as an alternative method of dispute resolution and can keep you out of court. This could save you countless hours of stress, paperwork and frustration, along with the money it takes to litigate a case in a California civil court.