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February 2016 Archives

Widespread technology could help reduce California data breaches

A key way in which cyber criminals gain the information they use to perpetrate their crimes in California is through data breaches. According to the White House, a data breach is any intrusion into private or confidential computerized data that has or may result in the unauthorized use of that data. Nasdaq reports that North Americans were the most affected by these breaches of information in 2014, accounting for 76 percent of incidents in the world.

Cyber crimes defined

Cyber crimes are any undertakings that use the internet or other computer technology as a means of committing a crime. Interpol reports that cyber crimes have become an increasingly large issue in recent years as more people decide to use the anonymity of the internet to perpetrate their schemes. Social media and compromised business emails are just two of the most common pathways criminals are using to illegally access user data and gain confidential information about people all over the world, including their personal addresses, phone numbers, bank card numbers and financial account information.

Some intellectual property infringement criminal

Intellectual property consists of the ideas and inventions that businesses and individuals create for their own purposes. This property is legally protected from infringement under the copyright, patent and trademark laws currently in use in the U.S. At Millstone, Peterson & Watts, LLP, our staff knows that in many cases, infringement of intellectual property misappropriation can pass from the civil realm into a criminal matter.

What copyright protections are available for artwork?

If you have a piece of artwork that you would like to copyright, it may be beneficial for you to learn what protections you can actually seek and receive for your art. Although there are particular aspects to copyright law that are specific to this medium, most of the protections afforded to other forms of authorship are granted to your artwork as well.

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