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May 2020 Archives

Resolving technology law disputes through mediation

Computers, electronics and smartphones have revolutionized the way people live and work. As California entrepreneurs know, the technologies involved are worth a great deal of money, so when disputes arise, they can get contentious without some assistance. In order to more amicably resolve issues having to do with technology law, the parties can choose to go through mediation instead of going through the cost, time and effort of litigation.

The internet is a place ripe with intellectual property issues

Now more than ever, being online is an important part of life. Many here in California and elsewhere rely on e-commerce to get the goods they need. This makes businesses that primarily use the internet more vulnerable to intellectual property issues.

Ford Motor Company faces copyright law claim

Like most people across the country, California residents find television and radio advertisements annoying, especially when the music associated with them gets stuck in their heads. Of course, that is the point of commercials, and companies will spend substantial amounts of money promoting their products in this way. However, under copyright law, those companies need to enter into licensing agreements with the owners of the musical selections they want to use. Recently, one composer accused Ford Motor Company of not obtaining licensing to use the music in its advertisements.

PureCircle files patent law claim against stevia competitor

The food industry is big business. Many companies in California and elsewhere have patents on their products, and it stands to reason they want to maintain whatever edge they can in the market. They rely on patent law to provide them with the protections they need in order to stay competitive. For instance, PureCircle recently filed a lawsuit against Almendra, claiming the company infringed on its patents regarding the natural sweetener called Stevia.

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