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August 2015 Archives

Three little lines are at the heart of a major trademark lawsuit

In our post last week, we discussed the importance of symbols, logos and names in branding products. Many companies not only trademark their name but also a familiar design or logo associated with their brand. Humans inherently recognize symbols and patterns - a trait that companies have long been capitalizing on.

Trademarks: Doesn't the first party to register trump all other users?

Imagine that you had the good fortune as an insightful and hard-working business entrepreneur to link the product or service you provide to the public with a mark that is instantly identifiable to the great majority of consumers.

Ruling soon expected in copyright suit over birthday song: Part II

In our last post, we began a discussion about a copyright battle over one of America's most well-known songs. Depending on whom you ask, the song "Happy Birthday To You" was placed under registered copyright in 1935 and remains copyrighted to this day. It is now owned by Warner Music Group, which in 1988 acquired the company that owned the copyright.

Ruling soon expected in copyright suit over birthday song: Part I

Our recent posts have focused on copyright law, and we'll be continuing that discussion this week. In some cases, copyrighted material is straightforward, and alleged copyright infringement is therefore easy to determine. In other cases, however, it is not immediately clear that infringement has occurred.

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