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January 2020 Archives

Don't give away too much when applying for a patent

Protecting intellectual property is a priority for many Sacramento inventors. Applying for a patent provides protections and benefits to them they would not otherwise have. This makes filling out the application a crucial part of the process, and it needs to be done carefully in order to increase the chances of receiving an approval.

Understanding royalties in intellectual property litigation

After working hard to create or invent something, a California entrepreneur will want to protect it. This will most likely require obtaining a patent, trademark or copyright depending on the type of intellectual property. One of the protections a creator or inventor can seek is royalties, which are often the subject of intellectual property litigation.

New year starts with lawsuits over using photos on the internet

An increasing number of individuals and companies find themselves facing lawsuits for copyright infringement for using photographs owned by someone else. Even broadcasting companies such as Lieberman Broadcasting and Bonneville International are not immune to these types of accusations. Both companies started off 2020 facing allegations they infringed on the copyrights of photographers for using certain photos in articles posted on the internet.

Patent law dispute arises over inflatable heart

California inventors often find inspiration from other people's products. Perhaps they find a way to improve upon a design or make one of their own that may be similar, but still unique enough to make it unique. These inventors need to use caution, however, because they could end up violating patent law if their designs come close enough to be considered infringement on someone else's patent.

Would trade secrets or patents provide the better protection?

Often, a California company's intellectual property gives it the market edge needed in order to become a success. Protecting that property becomes a crucial task in order for a business to continue to thrive. The question is whether trade secrets or patents provide the better protection. In some cases, the combination of both could be the right way to go.

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