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April 2016 Archives

Inspired by another’s work? Beware of copyright infringement

In today’s world, copyright infringement has become a serious challenge. If you are a budding writer, artist or musician you may be inspired by those who have traveled the path before you, but you need to be careful that you don’t cross over into infringement of copyright. At Millstone Peterson & Watts LLP, we see many cases of copyright infringement, and we know that the innocent claim does not always hold up in court.

Understanding DDoS attacks

While cyber-crime in California can come in many forms, distributed denial-of-service attacks are an exceedingly common method that can be used to prohibit access to a business’s website. Understanding how and why these attacks occur is essential to website owners so they you can respond accordingly and mitigate any ill-effects.

Creating a strong company trademark

When starting a company, it can be exciting and challenging to create a business trademark. A trademark is a logo, jingle, catchphrase or other feature that sets a Sacramento company apart from others. Trademarks are possibly the first thing that a customer identifies with a certain brand. For example, fans of a particular soft drink will immediately recognize their favorite brand’s logo and catchphrase.

Can a noncompete protect your business from trade secret theft?

The leaking or misuse of vital company secrets has the potential to harm your Sacramento business. If a former employee uses what he or she learned while in your employ to start a competing company, you might end up losing customers. This could also happen if he or she distributes protected company knowledge to others. For this reason, you might find it beneficial to have employees sign a noncompete clause.

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