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November 2018 Archives

Intel sues former employee it claims stole IP

Anyone in Sacramento who might dismiss an intellectual property lawsuit as being frivolous litigation does not understand the impact that IP can have. Should an employee take office supplies home with them, those things can be easily replaced (at a relatively minor expense). If an employee steals IP, they may threaten both a company's standing in its market as well as the proprietary information that makes it unique. Couple this with the amount of time, effort and money that companies put into developing IP, and it may come as little surprise why those choose to defend it so vigorously. 

International protection for intellectual property

Many businesses in California whether small or large routinely do business in countries outside of the United States. This naturally gives rise to concerns that a business operating solely in a domestic setting does not have to deal with. Securing intellectual property in multiple countries is one of those concerns. 

What to include in a nondisclosure agreement

When you hire someone to work for your California business, chances are, you do so because you find this person trustworthy, capable and credible. Regrettably, however, employer-employee relationships sometimes turn sour. If you do not take proper precautions to protect yourself and your business from the outset, you may find that your employees eventually move on and share your insights and intellectual property with your competitors. At Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, we have helped many business owners make efforts to protect their trade secrets and intellectual property, helping them avoid potential problems before they lead to litigation.

How can I protect my social media from hackers?

It seems there are often reports about social media accounts being hacked. When hackers gain access to your social media account, they are able to get a wealth of information about you and everyone you connect to through the platform. Since hackers can be located anywhere, not just in California, it is difficult to track them down and stop them. Your best defense is to prevent hackers from ever gaining access to your account.

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