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October 2016 Archives

How do I protect my intellectual property online?

Anything creative that you put on the internet instantly becomes available to anyone in California, the country and the world. It also provides a lot of opportunities for people to filch your work. According to the International Academy of Design & Technology, to protect your intellectual property, you need to clearly communicate through a disclaimer or statement predominantly displayed on your website that the work is copyrighted or trademarked, or has other intellectual property protection.

Reasons you need to hire a patent attorney

Being able to secure a patent to protect a unique idea is definitely something an inventor should take advantage of. However, the process and everything involved with it can be confusing at times and may be difficult in some situations. This is where a California patent attorney can be helpful.

Copyright laws and cryptomnesia

The New York Times did an article on how cryptomnesia plays a role in music creation. This is a naturally occurring phenomena that happens to everyone and with the amount of information now out there on social media and other sources, experts say it is not all that surprising. Basically, it is the belief that one has had an original idea when in fact it has come from another source, but the person forgot.

Digital music copyrights

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 addresses digital copyrights, which includes music copyrights. In particular, as noted by the U.S. Copyright Office, the DMCA offers protection for providers against copyright infringement suits. Providers cannot be held liable but are responsible for responding when they receive a notice of copyright infringement. This could include removing the material or simply restricting access to it. This has hit home for California-based Google, which owns YouTube.

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