Apple’s new patent could help bring people closer together

Glenn W. Peterson

In recent years, technology has brought people together like never before. Someone living here in California can easily see and talk to someone living across the country or across the world. Now, more than ever, the ability to come together in some manner has become crucial, and Apple recently received a patent to new technology the company hopes will do just that.

The new software allows people who are not together to create a group selfie. The originator can invite others to send photos that can be combined into one image. The software removes backgrounds to integrate the pictures of the individuals into a cohesive image.

It may seem as though Apple developed this technology in response to the world’s current circumstances, but that is not the case. The company actually submitted its application for this new technology back in 2018. The timing could simply be a happy coincidence that the company received its patent during a time when the technology may do the most good and provide people a way to be together when circumstances do not allow them to be with each other in person.

Apple has not yet announced when it will launch the new technology, and many California residents may be waiting to take advantage of it. Right now, entrepreneurs who have ideas that could bring people together or provide them with ways to interact without being in the same room could help make the changes the world is going through easier to adjust to. However, they may want to follow Apple’s example and apply for a patent before moving forward in order to protect their intellectual property rights.