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January 2017 Archives

Reasons intellectual property theft is getting worse

Before the internet, it was a little trickier to steal someone else’s intellectual property or get caught doing it. However, nowadays, it is much easier for you to get information swiped from your California website, blog or other online accounts. We work hard to fight for your intellectual property rights at Millstone, Peterson & Watts, LLP, because we know that theft is becoming more widespread, making it more difficult to protect your property.

Copyright protection for blogs

The internet has brought about many new concerns about intellectual property rights for California residents. One specific area where people may have concerns is over the copyright protection on blogs. It is fairly easy for someone to copy content, both texts and images, off a blog. In addition, blog owners often create new posts on a regular basis, meaning they are publishing a lot of content in a short period. The concern often is that securing a copyright may take too much time and slow down blog post production. The reality, though, is that securing copyright protection is not that difficult.

How to maintain your DMCA safe harbor protection

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act protects online service providers, such as YouTube, in California and the rest of the country from being held liable for copyright infringement when a user posts copyrighted materials on the provider’s website. However, an important part of the DMCA is that the provider must have a designated agent or contact to whom copyright infringement notices can be sent, and upon receiving such notice, the provider must remove the content. According to the U.S. Copyright Office, the designated agent must be reported to them electronically and the contact information for the agent must be made public on the provider’s website in order for a provider to claim DMCA safe harbor protection.

What happens in a copyright infringement case?

When you have created and published a piece of work in California, you then hold the copyright to it. This affords you some protection against having that work stolen, reproduced, used or copied by others who do not have your permission. If someone violates your copyright protection, you can then take them to court to recover damages and prevent them from using your work.

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