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November 2015 Archives

The America Invents Act and patent law changes, part 1

Whether inventions are devices or processes, entrepreneurs and businesses in Sacramento, California, should be able to capitalize on their ideas without fear of having them copied and sold by someone else. Patent law in the United States is intended to encourage that innovation, and according to CBS News, the America Invents Act changed and updated several aspects of patent law in 2011.

How to combat cybercrimes

If a company in Rosedale, California, has become the victim of cybercrime, investigating the theft of intellectual property is an important part of recovering damages to the business. In the digital age, this is constantly becoming a more complex process. Tech Republic provides some advice for companies to follow in the event of intellectual property theft.

Theft of trade secrets subject of new congressional bill

While it is up to a company to make reasonable efforts to keep their trade secrets confidential in order to avoid a breach, computer hackers and other people who leak information in California, throughout the country and even in other nations should be held accountable for committing a crime. When people obtain and share a company’s or organization’s trade secrets, it can cause substantial damage, not only to the company itself, but also to the public citizens who are affected by the information leak.

Trade secrets must be kept confidential

A company in Sacramento, California may have information such as a formula, technique, program or device that needs to be protected from disclosure. Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute states that this may be possible through a patent or a trade secret, but not both. The patent provides the company with the right to own exclusive rights for a limited amount of time, but the information is public. If the company opts for trade secret protection, the information is confidential unless there is public disclosure.

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