Experienced California Business And Real Estate Lawyers

As we so greatly value all of our clients at Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, we also go the extra mile for them. Our attorneys have vast knowledge and experience in the technical areas we represent. It is their goal to resolve your legal matters efficiently and effectively.

Knowledge And Experience In Complex Litigation

Our experienced lawyers know how to litigate cases. They also know how to negotiate the best possible settlement for you. The kinds of representation we provide involve: (1) litigation and appeals regarding a wide variety of legal issues; (2) employment disputes, including discrimination claims and accusations of noncompliance with wage and hour laws; (3) intellectual property matters regarding patents, trademarks and copyright infringements; (4) commercial real estate matters; (5) business law disputes; and (6) alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") matters, including mediation and arbitration cases.

Our law firm has successfully handled multiple class-action lawsuits involving alleged wage and hour violations. We've represented noted celebrities in copyright and intellectual property disputes, and Fortune 500 franchise companies in franchise law disputes. This is merely a small sample of the cases we've handled. Our law firm has tried civil cases in state and federal courts to judgment or verdict over 200 times. We've handled thousands of other cases that were resolved prior to trial.

Our law firm serves clients throughout the Sacramento metropolitan area. We also represent individuals and corporate clients in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

We Don't Like Surprises And Neither Should You

We understand that there are certain people that you never want to hear say the word "surprise." Your lawyer is high on the list.

In handling legal matters for our clients, we strive to avoid surprises in every way possible. That includes surprises about costs and fees. Although no two cases are alike, we believe that successful cases involve common ingredients.

Over our many years of experience, we have developed a solid formula for success. Anticipation, Planning and Preparedness are the key ingredients.

Our knowledge and experience enable us to Anticipate. Anticipate what our opponents might do. Anticipate what a Court is likely to do. That allows us to Plan — and map the path to a successful outcome. Knowing what the future likely holds in a case enables us to Prepare. We believe Preparedness is the most important ingredient, but without foresight Preparedness can't be properly brought forth.

Because of our vast experience, we know what to expect, so we know what to prepare for. And that is how we strive to take the word "surprise" out of the mix.

Our attorneys are skilled at making complicated concepts understandable. We want to make certain you understand your options, the likely outcome of your case and the kinds of rates that we charge. We provide for you the legal experience of a big firm with boutique rates along with deftness and agility during the course of our representation.

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Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, is located in Roseville, California. Our law firm can be reached by calling 916-749-1431.