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May 2016 Archives

The trademark search process

California businesses interested in staking their claims to particular terms, names or even logo designs will want to understand the process involved in trademarking such items. There is a difference between simply using a term and a basic trademark symbol and having that registered to a company. It is only with the latter that any legal protections are provided.

Protecting trade secrets is vital to a company’s success

In today’s world, there is a vast amount of competition, regardless of the industry that a company in Sacramento happens to be in. As such, it is important for companies of all sizes to take the proper measures to protect their trade secrets and there are several things they can do.

Defend Trade Secrets Act signed into law by Pres. Obama

The success of many California businesses hinges on the design and uniqueness of their projects or services. Regardless of whether a company is in the technology industry, pharmaceutical industry, fashion industry or sports industry, it faces severe competition in the marketplace. This competition can lead other companies to illegally copy or obtain vital information, an offense that is known as stealing trade secrets. While this can be challenging enough for businesses whose customer base is in the United States, it can be even tougher when they face global competitors.

Is your invention eligible for a patent?

If you have been busy in the board room creating an innovative product, you may be anxious to patent your new invention and introduce it to the world. A patent helps to protect your creation by giving you the sole, legal rights to produce, use and sell it. Not all inventions, however, may be eligible to receive a patent, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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