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June 2016 Archives

Trade secret lawsuit: Former employees took client data

Sacramento companies are able to achieve success by attracting customers, retaining those customers and providing a needed product or service. However, with everything in a digital format, it has become more important than ever for businesses to take steps to protect this information, often referred to as trade secrets. A trade secret can be anything from a special recipe to training methods that give a company an edge over its competitors.

Do you need a prototype to file a patent?

Making the exciting decision to move forward with your idea for a new product in California is a big step. You may wonder whether it would be wiser to make a prototype as a proof of concept, or to secure your intellectual property rights first by going straight for a patent application. Conventional wisdom said to start with the prototype, but in today's lightning-fast business landscape, prototyping could represent a delay you cannot afford.

What is a cyber tort?

The Internet expands your business’ reach, allowing you access to customers beyond the borders of California. However, many of the problems you might face in the "brick and mortar" world could also be present in the virtual world. Harassment, theft and cons all exist online, and thanks to the global nature of the Internet, could come from anywhere in the world. When your organization is victimized in the virtual space, you enter the realm of the cyber tort.

Protecting your intellectual property with a copyright

If you have created a literary, artistic, musical or dramatic work, you likely poured all of yourself into it. At the law firm of Millstone, Peterson & Watts, LLP, we know that you will want to get credit for your work and ensure your creation is only used as you see fit. Perhaps the most effective method for you, and others in California, to protect this type of intellectual property is to obtain a copyright. In this post, we will discuss what a copyright is and how you may use it to protect your work.

Copyright infringement lawsuit seeking more than just a 'sorry'

The music industry has seen an incredible amount of legal disputes in recent years. Disputes involving artists, consumers, creators, producers and distributors are not uncommon, considering the amount of material out there and the numerous ways in which music is used and accessed.

Prince's death will lead to intellectual property matters

Several weeks have passed since Prince died and ignited a media frenzy with his untimely passing. Beyond the fact that he was a beloved musician and popular culture figure, his passing has led to much conversation because of his lack of estate planning.

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