How can I protect my social media from hackers?

Glenn W. Peterson

It seems there are often reports about social media accounts being hacked. When hackers gain access to your social media account, they are able to get a wealth of information about you and everyone you connect to through the platform. Since hackers can be located anywhere, not just in California, it is difficult to track them down and stop them. Your best defense is to prevent hackers from ever gaining access to your account.

Entrepreneur states that there are a variety of ways to make your social media account more secure against hackers. The first thing you should do is take advantage of the two-factor authentication option. Most platforms offer this option. If you enable it, when you log into your account, you will have to verify that it is you logging in. You may get an email or text message with a code or a link that you must then use to authenticate your login. Having this two-step log in helps ensure only you can log in.

You also want to be cautious about using third-party applications. They gather information from you, so when you do not know who created it, it could open you up to hacking. In addition, make sure that you use a strong password. Use a variety of lowercase and capital letters, numbers and symbols, if possible. Consider using a password manager to help you remember your passwords. Strong passwords can be tough to remember. Finally, protect yourself with a good antivirus program. This information is for education and is not legal advice.