Reasons intellectual property theft is getting worse

Glenn W. Peterson

Before the internet, it was a little trickier to steal someone else’s intellectual property or get caught doing it. However, nowadays, it is much easier for you to get information swiped from your California website, blog or other online accounts. We work hard to fight for your intellectual property rights at Millstone, Peterson & Watts, LLP, because we know that theft is becoming more widespread, making it more difficult to protect your property.

One of the biggest reasons why theft of intellectual property is on the rise is due to cyber attacks. These are a great threat to businesses. Not having adequate protection against such thieves leaves your business at risk, and this risk is not only a problem for big businesses. Medium and small businesses are at just as great of a risk. Plus, these attacks may not be happening on the outside. Many hackers could be people connected with your business.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, another area that is seeing a huge rise is piracy of creative works. This includes movies, music and books. Often consumers do not know something is pirated, or pirated material is so widely spread, that it is difficult to get control over the situation. Tracking down the responsible party is only half the battle. Getting the pirated material removed from the internet is the other, and it is often more challenging.

While laws have been put into place to try to protect your intellectual property rights, it is not always enough to stop people from taking your works. This is why you should fight back if your rights have been violated. By showing that you will not stand for someone taking what is rightfully yours, thieves may see that they cannot get away with stealing. To learn more about intellectual property rights, visit our site.