Reasons you need to hire a patent attorney

Glenn W. Peterson

Being able to secure a patent to protect a unique idea is definitely something an inventor should take advantage of. However, the process and everything involved with it can be confusing at times and may be difficult in some situations. This is where a California patent attorney can be helpful.

According to Business News Daily, a patent attorney is able to build a strategy that goes beyond just filing the patent to help you navigate what comes after and how you will protect an invention in the long term. It is important to first note that it is not required to hire an attorney in order to file a patent. Anyone can file on their own through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. However, hiring an attorney can afford many benefits during and after the process.

Entrepreneur notes that the patent filing process can be complex, which can make it difficult for the average person. In addition, there are many different patent laws that are essential to understand, and an attorney already knows these laws inside and out. When a person files a patent without an attorney there is a lot of room for error. This may include not filling out the forms completely and omitting important details about the invention, which may leave these portions unprotected by the patent.

Some people may decide not to use an attorney because the overhead may be perceived as unnecessary. Inventors have yet to cash in on the earning potential of their invention, and hiring legal helps may seem to add another expense to the cost of the patent. However, not doing so leaves a person open to an application denial, which means having to go through the process and pay fees a second time. Not only does this increase the chances of the idea being taken by someone else, but it also slows down the path to making a profit from it. In the end, hiring an attorney has the potential to save an inventor money and improve the odds of success.