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Patent application types explained

The United States Patent and Trademark Office lists different types of patent applications an inventor can complete to formally gain the rights and protections that a patent offers. To make sure their requests for a patent are not denied based on application errors,...

How trademark protection works

According to the International Trademark Association, a trademark is a phrase, word, symbol or design, or a combination of these things, that helps identify and distinguish one party’s goods from others. While not compulsory, registering a trademark with the...

How to combat cybercrimes

If a company in Rosedale, California, has become the victim of cybercrime, investigating the theft of intellectual property is an important part of recovering damages to the business. In the digital age, this is constantly becoming a more complex process. Tech...

Clarity important in patent cases

One common feature of patent cases is a very high level of complexity. Without the right guidance, the complexity of these cases can be substantial barriers to many important things for a person who is in patent litigation, whether they are in the litigation as a...

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