What purpose does a logo serve?

Glenn W. Peterson

As a business owner in California, you might be asking yourself whether or not you actually need a logo. After all, you may not be aspiring to internationally recognized brand levels, or you might feel like your business doesn’t really need one. But some would say that a logo is actually of crucial importance no matter what sort of work you do.

All Business shares fourteen different reasons that you should consider having a logo for your business. Some of the reasons are tied to your brand, your reputability, and your recognition levels. After all, there are certain things you don’t even need a name for to recognize where they come from, which is a familiarity that any business could benefit from. Something sleek, simple, and easy to remember will help customers associate your name to your business easily.

It can also help you stand out among competitors while simultaneously seeming more professional and dependable. Brands that have a logo often show that they have a level of investment that might be assumed to be missing from companies that do not have one. A logo can also help to make you seem more professional to a customer, who usually associates logos with big and reliable companies.

Finally, you can use a logo to help attract new customers. Catchy and memorable graphics are more likely to stick in a customer’s mind than a business title, company name, or slogan. Speaking to an attorney experienced in business law may help you get an even better idea of why logos are so important.