Patent law claims seem to plague the technology industry

Glenn W. Peterson

The technological advances of the last couple of decades have revolutionized the way people here in California and across the country live. Many of the companies who bring people the technology they rely on use similar platforms and components. For this reason, the industry seems to see numerous patent law claims.

For instance, a company called Commvault recently filed a lawsuit against two companies, Rubrik and Cohesity. Commvault claims that the companies violated patent law by using some of its patented technology without permission. The patents have to do with virtual machine protection, cloud archive integration, policy-based security restrictions and other issues.

Allegedly, the two companies circumvented their own research and development processes by using Commvault’s patented technology, which forced the company into competing with itself. The company says it just wants other companies to do their own work and operate fairly. It felt compelled to file the lawsuit in order to protect its patents and the work the company has done thus far. Apparently, the company attempted to work out the matter with Rubrik and Cohesity, but to no avail.

California companies may understand the reasoning behind Commvault’s lawsuit. Perhaps they have attempted to work with companies infringing on their patents but could not reach a satisfactory solution. Under these circumstances, it is not surprising that companies would want to fall back on the protections that patent law is designed to afford them. When these issues arise, companies would greatly benefit from understand their rights and legal options by discussing the situation with an experienced intellectual property attorney.