How do I protect my intellectual property?

Glenn W. Peterson

The world is experiencing a boom of innovation across multiple industries, much of which relies on brilliant new ideas and inventions. What some people in California fail to grasp is that intellectual property is perhaps one of the biggest drivers of this innovation. Unfortunately, protecting that intellectual property can be a troubling prospect for those ready to embark on their ideas.

Copyrights are one of the most widely known and understood protections for intellectual properties. These automatic protections provide protection for a wide range of properties, including artistic works, such as paintings, books and even sculptures. Technical works are also protected by copyrights, and even computer programs fall under this legal term.

Innovators can more publicly protect their intellectual property with trademarks. Trademarks can actually serve multiple purposes by first identifying and protecting businesses’ services or goods, and secondly by distinguishing them from other companies. Far from being an uncommon solution to intellectual property encroachment, ancient craftsmen first established this process.

It can be extremely upsetting to discover than another individual has taken advantage of an otherwise protected idea or product. There are many other solutions that innovators can use to protect their intellectual property. Patents, industrial designs and geographical indications all provide varying levels of safety not only in Florida, but across the rest of the United States. While understanding exactly how these protections can be applied is not always easy, the right guidance can often help innovators create a secure safeguard for their own intellectual properties.