Cybersecurity measures may be needed to protect trade secrets

Glenn W. Peterson

The popularity of teleworking is growing at an exponential rate right now. Lots of California residents are taking advantage of this option, but they may need access to sensitive information from their companies in order to work. This means that trade secrets could end up vulnerable without some protections. Taking cybersecurity measures could help provide much needed protections.

The responsibility for protecting trade secrets starts with a California company’s CEO and trickles all the way down to the employee working from home. Company CEOs need to make sure that managers and cybersecurity professionals have the tools they need such as plans to protect information, plans to respond to an attack and the money to put those plans into action. Managers can then allocate resources as necessary in order to best protect the company’s sensitive information.

In the meantime, cybersecurity technicians within the company can train users on the technology used to protect the company’s information. Managers can make sure that employees only receive access to the information they must have in order to do their jobs. Stressing the need for these security measures should come from all three of these individuals so that employees understand their importance and the ramifications of not following properly procedures.

Trade secrets often keep businesses competitive, and losing that information could mean the end of some companies. Other companies would probably survive, but not thrive as they would have. Telework will more than likely remain an important part of the business world, so it would be wise for companies to take measure to protect themselves now rather than later, which could be when it is already too late.