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Photo agency sues Justin Bieber over use of copyrighted pictures

The success of California businesses is often built on their copyrighted materials. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to protect that material from unauthorized use. One California photo agency is currently dealing with a significant violation of its copyrighted pictures, and has filed a lawsuit against the pop singer Justin Bieber.

Ford Motor Company faces copyright law claim

Like most people across the country, California residents find television and radio advertisements annoying, especially when the music associated with them gets stuck in their heads. Of course, that is the point of commercials, and companies will spend substantial amounts of money promoting their products in this way. However, under copyright law, those companies need to enter into licensing agreements with the owners of the musical selections they want to use. Recently, one composer accused Ford Motor Company of not obtaining licensing to use the music in its advertisements.

Recent copyright law claim against Billy Joel not about music

Billy Joel is best known for his music. Over the years, he earned the nickname, the "Piano Man," and has worked in the industry for decades. For this reason, hearing that someone filed a copyright law claim against him may cause California residents to believe it has something to do with music, but not this time.

Not everything falls under copyright law

California individuals who create written works may be under the impression that everything they produce receives legal protection. The truth is that certain things are not covered by copyright law, and understanding what those things are could help clear up any confusion. This prevents individuals from proceeding as if they will receive protections and finding out later that none exists.

Copyright law favors Led Zeppelin in infringement case

Even today, it would be difficult to find anyone here in California or elsewhere who has not heard the song "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. The iconic tune is usually instantly recognizable, and back in 2014, the song became the subject of a lawsuit. The question before the court was whether the famous rock and roll band violated copyright law by copying the instrumental introduction portion of the song from a song called "Taurus" by Spirit, which was another band of the same era.

The downside of copyright law: not everything is protected

Business owners, authors, musicians and others who create books, music and other written works ought to consider protecting them as often as possible. Many people here in California and elsewhere do take advantage of the protections gained from copyrighting their materials in order to keep others from using them without permission. Even so, copyright law does have its limitations.

Copyright law claims filed against Spotify once again

This is the digital age, and many people here in California and elsewhere prefer to purchase, view and store their entertainment electronically. For this reason, music-streaming services such as Spotify are widely popular these days. The problem is that entertainment companies claim that this service routinely violates copyright law.

Did Jennifer Lopez violate copyright law? Some paparazzi say yes

Taking pictures of celebrities and other famous people is a full-time job for some people. The pictures they take can be worth quite a bit of money, so when someone uses one of their photos without permission, they may decide to fight back. It does not even matter to them if the subject in the photo is the one using it. For instance, Splash News and Picture Agency located in southern California recently filed a lawsuit against Jennifer Lopez, alleging that she violated copyright law.

California appeals court takes unusual step in copyright case

Five years ago, the trustee of the estate of a 1960s rock musician filed a lawsuit against members of the band Led Zeppelin, stating that their hit "Stairway to Heaven" infringed copyright by stealing its opening from an earlier song. During a 2016 trial, a jury found in favor of Led Zeppelin songwriters Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Claiming that the jury had not received proper instructions, an appellate court ordered a new trial. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California has since taken the unusual step to hear the case en banc. In other words, the full panel of 11 judges will hear the case in the interest of determining authorship of the song. 

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