A brief look at various online crimes

Glenn W. Peterson

In the digital era, offenses involving the internet take a myriad of forms. Moreover, while some people may think that these charges carry relatively insignificant consequences, being charged with an internet crime can permanently shatter someone’s life. Aside from hefty financial penalties and years behind bars, their reputation may be damaged beyond repair. As a result, if you have been charged with an internet crime in Sacramento, it is crucial for you to carefully take a look at your options and handle the charges cautiously. Furthermore, you should realize that there are a wide variety of offenses people may find themselves accused of.

On this blog, we have discussed the consequences associated with online piracy and copyright infringement. However, there are far more web-related offenses, such as allegations of cyberbullying, computer fraud, or identity theft. Sometimes, people are charged with an offense involving pornography, such as “revenge porn” which involves the sharing of pornographic material without someone’s consent.

Moreover, someone may be unaware that their online activity was against the law. For example, someone may have made a significant amount of money by investing in a cryptocurrency over the internet, without realizing that they were required to pay taxes on their profits. There are many more examples of unlawful activity that occur over the internet and with the rapid spread of technology, more and more people have found themselves facing these charges.

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