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4 ways to avoid a lawsuit over pictures in your blog

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2017 | Copyright Law

For many years, blogging has been a way for people to share their views, tell news stories and be heard by countless others. Some bloggers have found great success with their blogs. Writing in your blog may be a hobby for you, or you might have a respectable following and are making a living at it. One thing that connects you and other bloggers in California and elsewhere is the media you include in your posts to make them interesting. However, at Millstone, Peterson & Watts, LLP, we understand that your blog could land in legal hot water if you include copyrighted content without permission.

Like other bloggers, you probably like to add pictures to your posts to break up the text, illustrate your points and add visual appeal. Photographs belong to the people who originally take them, and they could take legal action against you if you use their work without their permission. The following tips have been provided by Lifehacker to help you avoid a copyright lawsuit when including pictures in your blog:

  • Register an account with a stock photo company. Many sites allow registered members to use stock photographs at no charge or for a minimal fee.
  • Use photographs that are in the public domain.
  • Obtain written permission from the photographer, and keep the conversation in your records for your protection.
  • Use photographs you have taken yourself.

It is easy to use photographs in your blog that will enhance your readers’ experience and not result in legal action against you. You simply cannot afford to risk the alternative. Our page on copyright law explains further.

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