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Lawyers Who Understand Wage And Hour Compliance

Wage and hour claims targeting California employers are becoming commonplace. The quirky laws in this arena have become fertile ground for prospecting plaintiffs and — too often — opportunistic lawyers. Defending these matters takes time and money, to say nothing of the costs associated with resolving them. Especially for small and midsized businesses, these often prolonged, high-stakes disputes too often result in financial destruction of the companies targeted by them. Handling these matters requires the talent and ingenuity that we have delivered for our clients on many occasions.

The law firm of Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, has successfully handled such claims for businesses of all sizes. They’ve handled class-action lawsuits on behalf of large corporations, and they’ve many times assisted sole proprietorships, partnerships and other small businesses engaged in labor disputes.

Wage And Hour Compliance Claims And Employee Classification Matters

Because wage and hour law is complex and confusing, and because federal and state laws often merge (and sometimes collide) in this area, California employers need experienced and diligent counsel to guide them.

Our attorneys provide businesses aggressive representation in these matters. Oftentimes, they are in the middle of resolving these disputes. If there’s no resolution, they understand precisely how to try these matters in court or during administrative hearings.

Providing Advice And Consultation To Businesses Of All Sizes

As our lawyers understand employment laws and the needs of businesses, they also know how to avoid costly wage and hour disputes. They’ve worked in the private sector. And since they’ve tried so many cases in court and in administrative proceedings, they also understand how to create policies in helping avoid these disputes.

Our attorneys are prepared to guide you in putting together policies and practices that keep your business out of court.

How To Contact Our Roseville Law Firm

Contact the law firm of Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, for an initial consultation by calling 916-749-1431.