Roseville Executive Compensation Lawyer

Roseville Executive Compensation Lawyer

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Negotiating a fair and just executive compensation package can be a daunting task to take on. You’ll want to ensure that you are rightly compensated for your worth, but with so many avenues through which compensation can come, it can be overwhelming to determine which are right for you and your lifestyle. With the help of a Roseville executive compensation lawyer, you can negotiate for the compensation you deserve.

Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, can provide you with the legal advice and assistance that you need. We understand the vitality of securing the compensation that your skills and abilities show you have earned. Executive compensation involves many components that can be confusing and overwhelming, but your Roseville business law attorney can provide personalized legal counsel to ensure that your compensation package fits your specific needs.

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Types of Compensation

There are a variety of ways in which companies offer to compensate their higher-level employees beyond the simple cash payout. The most common include:

  • Cash compensation. While this is no longer the only way that employees are compensated, it is still one of the main ways: a traditional form of cash in the form of a salary. This option has remained popular because it is extremely flexible. With cash, you can pay for anything you own or may want to own, such as property, cars, homes, boats, and more. However, a disadvantage of cash compensation is that it is taxed as income.
  • Deferred compensation. This type of compensation is generally thought of in regard to a retirement plan because the amount that is set to be deferred isn’t available until a later date. Sometimes, this date is set at the date of retirement, but it may also be set earlier. This compensation plan is a way of ensuring that you will have money in the future without the temptation to spend it now. Some may consider the fact that it will also be taxed a disadvantage of this type of compensation.
  • Incentive stock. Incentive stock is reserved only for employees of a specific company. With incentive stock as a part of your executive compensation plan, you are allowed the opportunity to purchase stock during a set period of time at a set price. You can then maintain it or sell it as you wish.
  • Non-qualified stock. This type of stock is available to employees, as well as those who are not employees, such as contractors.

Who Are Executive Compensation Packages Available to?

Each place of employment in Roseville, CA has its own specific practices involving executive compensation packages. However, some positions that may be eligible include:

  • Chief executive officer (CEO): The CEO is responsible for making crucial decisions for the company. They may also function as the face of the company, making appearances and representing the company on social media or at events. CEOs hold the highest positions and receive the largest compensation packages.
  • Chief financial officer (CFO): The CFO is responsible for the financial side of a company. They are involved in financial planning, budgeting, keeping tabs on the current financial state of the company, and more. They help their company make investment decisions and manage expenses.
  • Chief operating officer (COO): COOs are directly under the CEO, acting as a second-in-command. They help the CEO manage the daily operations of the company and assist with any additional tasks as necessary.
  • Chief information officer (CIO): CIOs handle aspects related to information and computer technologies. They might help with creating websites, determining which technologies to implement, and integrating software. As the use of technology has expanded, so has the role of a CIO.

How Can an Executive Compensation Lawyer Help?

An executive compensation lawyer can help with many aspects of the negotiation process. In addition to assisting you in determining the worth of what you bring to the table, they can also help you identify any inconspicuous disadvantages of the presented compensation plan. Having the advice of a Roseville employment lawyer familiar with executive compensation can only help to ensure you receive the appropriate compensation.

FAQs for Executive Compensation Attorneys

Q: What Is a Typical Executive Compensation Package?

A: The typical executive compensation package would include base salary, short-term incentive pay, long-term incentive pay, benefits regarding retirement, company memberships to various clubs or social spaces, company vehicles, and other specific benefits. While each executive compensation package will be specific and look different based on company size and structure, these are the benefits that are generally included.

Q: How Do You Negotiate Executive Level Compensation?

A: To negotiate executive-level compensation, a few steps are beneficial to take before the negotiation takes place. Primarily, you will want to do thorough research. Undershooting your worth for fear of not obtaining your desired compensation will be unhelpful. Working alongside an experienced attorney can help you determine what you should be negotiating for. However, it is still important to remain flexible to some degree.

Q: What Are the Disadvantages of Executive Compensation Plans?

A: The disadvantages of an executive compensation plan are varied. Cash compensation, for example, will be taxed as income, whereas other modes of compensation may not be taxed, at least to the extent that cash would. Some stock options are not available to use right away, and other stock options are taxed. Deferred compensation is not available immediately and may not be for years.

Q: Who Decides Executive Compensation?

A: Deciding executive compensation is a process that includes multiple people and groups, such as:

  • Compensation consultants, who the company may include for extra advice and assistance
  • A compensation committee, which may contribute to the creation of a compensation plan and research various options
  • The board of directors

While all of these groups play a role in determining executive compensation, the company’s board of directors holds the responsibility of making the final, standing decision.

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If you are in the process of negotiating the appropriate compensation for your gifts and talents, it is important to have an experienced attorney by your side. Contact a Roseville executive compensation lawyer today at Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, for more information on how we can be of service to you.

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