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Drafting Employment Agreements And Handbooks Correctly

Poorly drafted (or mindlessly recycled) employment agreements and handbooks lead to disagreements and litigation. In an atmosphere of zero tolerance regarding workplace discrimination, employee harassment, and the failure to oversee the conduct of one’s employees, mistakes in drafting of employee agreements can result in costly and time-consuming disputes.

The attorneys at Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, understand how such agreements should be drafted to avoid disputes. They’ve litigated these matters on numerous occasions, and this gives them insight into the types of claims employees bring.

Compliance With Federal And State Employment Laws

You do not want to download an employment agreement from the Internet and expect it to meet the unique aspects of your business. Every company has its own way of doing business.

Labor issues, benefit packages and other terms of employment require attention in the employment agreements and handbooks put together pertaining to the specific needs of your employees. Corporations sometimes have different employee concerns than do partnerships or other small businesses. Also, the laws in California significantly differ from those in other states governing employees. Therefore, there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” employment agreement.

Our lawyers get to know your business before taking any actions on drafting of employment agreements or handbooks. We discuss your business, analyze your records and get to know your business goals. The agreements and employment handbooks we draft take into account manners in which grievances need addressing. Also, the language contained in these documents make it clear both the obligations for you as a business and those of the employees who work for you. This includes provisions regarding health insurance, stock options, vacations, medical leave, noncompete clauses and intellectual property concerns. Language also covers dispute resolution methods if allegations arise that the employment policies were violated.

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