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Development Agreements

No one understands what needs to be contained within development agreements better than a real-estate broker who became a lawyer. And no one better understands the consequences of mistakes than a lawyer who routinely litigates real estate disputes.

Attorney Richard M. Watts Jr. brings this unique perspective regarding commercial real estate development agreements. As a licensed real estate broker with practical real estate experience, he understands all aspects of commercial real estate deals. Along with being an experienced litigator, his skills allow for him to provide legal representation to buyers, sellers and developers.

Understanding The Purposes For Development Agreements

Development agreements are not something you want to download off of the Internet. Since every real estate transaction is different, no two development agreements should ever be drafted in an identical fashion. There is no “off the rack” or “one size fits all” solution. Prior to actually drafting such agreements, Richard Watts gets to know your personal circumstances and determines all of your needs and objectives. In many cases, Rich handles the negotiations that precede drafting the agreements.

As an experienced real estate lawyer, Richard M. Watts Jr. provides services in preparing new development agreements or reviewing proposed development agreements. He helps developers put together a strategy and an action plan. Rich has a wealth of experience in the real estate development world. He understands land use and zoning issues, the entitlement process, and construction.

It defeats the purpose of a development project if zoning or land use restrictions prevent the plan from reaching fruition. Put an experienced real estate broker, attorney and litigator to work for you. Richard M. Watts Jr. is a smart choice.

How To Contact Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP

If you are in the process of a development project and have questions about development agreements, contact our Roseville office by calling 916-749-1431.