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Commercial Property Leases And Transactions Legal Representation

Mistakes made regarding commercial property leases often prove to be costly. It’s important in such matters to have the highest-quality legal representation when it comes to putting the leases together and carrying out commercial transactions. However, it’s even more important to have attorneys who understand how to litigate such matters when disputes arise.

Our attorneys at Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, provide a whole range of services, including preparation and review of commercial leases, advice and guidance regarding property acquisitions, assistance in setting up of joint ventures, and guidance through development and refinancing issues.

Helping Your Commercial Real Estate Transactions Go Smoothly

Commercial real estate transactions can be complex matters, with high stakes involved, and many moving parts. They characteristically involve commercial real property assets and large sums of money, and a myriad potential tax consequences. There is no room for mistakes or surprises in such transactions.

The attorneys at our firm have the experience, knowledge and skills to successfully guide you through the process, and they have the seasoning required to draft all of the necessary documents. They work closely with you to determine your needs and concerns. Having extensive experience in handling commercial transactions from both the perspective of the seller and the buyer, they thoroughly understand the entire commercial transaction process. This includes buying and selling of commercial property, real estate closings, land use and zoning issues, and litigating commercial property claims.

Hands-On Real Estate Experience

Richard M. Watts Jr. is a licensed real estate broker and worked in real estate sales and development before deciding to become a lawyer. His hands-on understanding of the commercial real estate field and his litigation experience make him a powerful advocate. His involvement in commercial real estate includes the negotiation of hundreds of commercial property transactions in the Sacramento metropolitan area and involvement in hundreds of trials and appeals pertaining to commercial real estate disputes.

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