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The firm of Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, has successfully represented claimants and defendants in defective product and personal injury matters, trade secret misappropriation issues, sexual harassment and hostile workplace cases. Our courtroom experience allows us to understand how California judges and juries decide tort claim litigation matters. Our dedication to our clients means we provide great attention to every matter we try and strive for the most successful resolution.

Vast Understanding Of The Cases We Try

Hands-on experience in any particular field provides an attorney an ultimate advantage when it comes to litigating cases regarding specific matters. Our attorneys have working experience outside of the legal profession regarding the types of representation they provide.

Lawyer Glenn W. Peterson worked as a graphic artist for a number of years and understands the significance of intellectual property and trade secret matters. He also once worked in the insurance defense industry and understands how insurance companies approach cases. Richard M. Watts Jr. is a real estate broker who understands every aspect of commercial real estate transactions. Jeremy S. Millstone served as outside counsel for businesses of every size, and has worked with human resources and managers at such companies.

Knowing How Tort Law Cases Should Be Tried

The attorneys at Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, have a record of success in tort cases because they understand California and federal court rules, and carefully prepare each case, often working closely with investigators and experts to better understand the nuances and behind-the-scenes circumstances of each matter, and prepare a case strategy that is carefully tailored to the unique and specific facts of the case.

Our attorneys take your case and your questions seriously. They promptly respond to all inquires, and strive to keep you continually informed about every aspect of your matter.

How To Contact Our Law Office

You can contact our Roseville office by calling 916-749-1431.