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Effective Contract Disputes Representation

While there are large numbers of breach of contract disputes, every dispute is unique. Still, there’s no secret about the correct way attorneys need to handle such matters. Successful representation involves hard work, dedication, knowledge of contract law and specific attention to detail. Here, our lawyers have prospered with the same formula for success: Anticipation, Planning and Preparedness.

The lawyers at Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, provide this sort of representation. When visiting our office, they quickly understand your situation and immediately get to work.

Legal Representation That Avoids Surprises

Our office has handled thousands of contract disputes and tried substantial numbers to judgment or verdict. It’s our experience that provides us the ultimate advantage in analyzing your matter and forecasting the likely outcome. Our experience informs how jurors react and how judges will likely rule in contract litigation cases.

The services of our attorneys go well beyond trying your matter in court, however. We provide advice, counsel and assistance in drafting of contracts so that you can avoid future legal entanglements regarding these documents. Since we’ve litigated so many cases, we intimately understand the meaning of contract phrases and terms. In other words, our advice and counsel keep you out of court.

Wide Variety Of Contract Dispute Representation

Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, has represented individuals and businesses throughout the Gold Country in California. We’ve represented parties who have suffered financial loss due to another party’s failure to carry out the terms of the contract. Our lawyers have also defended individuals and businesses accused of contract breaches. We’ve provided representation regarding employment and business contracts, franchising agreements, the assigning of intellectual property rights, real estate disclosure agreements and a wide variety of other contract disputes.

Our attorneys have inside knowledge regarding the formation of contracts. Our office also has resources in investigating how the contract dispute arose.

Contact Our Law Office For An Initial Consultation

The office of Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, is in Roseville. You can contact our office by calling 916-749-1431.