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Lawyers Placing Trade Regulation In Perspective

Trade regulations, especially those pertaining to labor and employment, are complex. And because there are differing interpretations of these regulations on each side, these matters often end up in the courts.

The lawyers at Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, regularly represent clients on all sides of these issues. We view these matters as problems to be resolved for our clients. Our representation has included representation of clients throughout the Central Valley, the Sierra Foothills and the entire state of California. We attract our clientele because we put the concerns of the client first.

Employee Classifications

A large number of legal disputes arise over classifications of workers. In some cases, the dispute revolves around determining whether a worker is an independent contractor or full-time employee. There are other instances where wage and hour disputes arise pertaining to alleged employee misclassifications. Determinations are required in deciding whether the employee is hourly and entitled to overtime wages or a salaried employee exempt from overtime payments.

When representing you in an employee classification matter, we look at the facts of each case in determining what the outcome should be. Whether you are an employer or a worker, we make certain there’s representation of your interests, and we fight for a fair resolution.

Business Model Concerns

Sometimes, agencies challenge franchises regarding their business model not complying with business laws. In other instances, businesses are accused of antitrust or unfair trade practices. Our attorneys have a history of representing clients in complex cases such as these in the role of outside counsel. Besides representing businesses, franchises and individuals in court, we’ve also provided advice and guidance preventing future litigation from occurring.

Our attorneys have been doing this type of work for a combined 65 years. If you should decide to retain us, you will be working specifically with one of our attorneys and not have your matter handed off to a paralegal or other member of the office staff.

Contact Our Experienced Trade Regulation Attorneys

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