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For clients who are looking for an alternative to litigation, mediation is an efficient and highly cost-effective option. Mediation is a completely voluntary process wherein the clients control the outcome. A mediator acts as a facilitator of the discussion that leads to an agreement. At Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, our attorneys are available to serve both as mediators and as advocates in the mediation room.

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Mediation offers myriad benefits. First, mediation is confidential. Litigation is public. When a case goes to court, the litigants can have no expectation of privacy, as everything that is said in the courtroom will be available for the public to view. Mediation keeps the case out of public view, which is preferable for clients who wish to safeguard business strategies, patents and other sensitive information.

Secondly, mediation allows both parties to maintain control over the outcome. In a courtroom, a judge renders the final decision, and one side inevitably loses. Even the winning side may not be entirely satisfied with the result. Mediation allows both sides to come to an agreement that is tailored to meet their needs and manage the risks inherent in the court process.

Lastly, mediation allows clients to potentially save thousands of dollars in legal fees and litigation costs. Clients who are concerned about the financial impact that litigation will have on their business may find that mediation offers a significant comparative advantage over other methods of dispute resolution.

At Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, we believe that it is our responsibility to look for early resolution of a case. Our lawyers will take any and all steps necessary for helping our clients resolve a dispute efficiently and effectively.

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