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An arbitrator is like an umpire. It is an arbitrator’s job to pay close attention to the arguments made by both sides, and to render an opinion or decision on the outcome. And just as an umpire’s decision to call a third strike is final, an arbitrator’s decision is similarly binding. At Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, our lawyers have served as arbitrators, usually hired by other lawyers. They have also served clients by representing their positions in arbitration proceedings.

In an arbitration setting, both sides have an attorney present. They present their respective sides of the dispute through testimony and documentary evidence. The process is similar to a trial, though it is abbreviated. The arbitrator decides who wins and who loses.

Arbitration only exists through provisions in a contract that call for it as a binding resolution of disputes. However, not every case is right for arbitration. In many instances, one side believes a dispute is subject to arbitration and the other side disagrees. Our lawyers have a vast track record of experience in proceedings to enforce (or oppose) arbitration.

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Arbitration is cost-effective, requiring fewer litigation dollars prior to the trial. Litigants who choose arbitration usually spend less money on discovery, motions and depositions. Additionally, arbitration saves costs by streamlining the process. While it can take over a year to get a court date, a dispute can be resolved through arbitration, usually in a matter of months.

With arbitration, there is no jury, which mitigates the worry that the jury will decide a case based on emotion or poor logic. Instead, one individual (usually selected for his or her knowledge of the law or the industry involved) will make the decision.

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At Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, we serve clients by acting as arbitrators and by presenting cases to arbitrators. Learn more about the benefits of arbitration and our alternative dispute resolution services by calling our office in Sacramento, California, at 916-780-8222.