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Alternative Dispute Resolution

The courtroom is often the first thing to come to mind when legal disputes arise. However, litigation is not the only option. Alternatives to litigation can potentially save thousands of dollars and allow litigants to maintain control over the outcome.

Roseville Attorneys For Mediation And Arbitration

At Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, our experience with alternative dispute resolution sets us apart. Our lawyers encourage clients to explore cost-effective modalities for dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration and take seriously our responsibility to explore options outside of the courtroom.

When a case goes to court, the judge or jury decides the outcome. Accordingly, both parties in the dispute surrender control over the outcome and must live with and wait for the court’s decision. Inevitably, one side or the other is unhappy with the result. Alternative dispute resolution keeps control over the outcome in the hands of our clients, not a judge or jury.

It can take over a year to get a state court date and over two years to get a date for federal court. Alternative dispute resolution can wrap up a dispute in a matter of months. Additionally, while litigation is public, alternative dispute resolution is often confidential, which is highly beneficial to clients who need to keep sensitive information private.

Our Sacramento attorneys for alternative dispute resolution have extensive experience in mediating cases as advocates on behalf of clients as well as serving as mediators. Our attorneys have served as court-appointed mediators in many cases. This service, combined with our litigation experience, gives us a unique and highly informed perspective to effectively resolve disputes.

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