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Posts tagged "Patent Law"

Apple's new patent could help bring people closer together

In recent years, technology has brought people together like never before. Someone living here in California can easily see and talk to someone living across the country or across the world. Now, more than ever, the ability to come together in some manner has become crucial, and Apple recently received a patent to new technology the company hopes will do just that.

PureCircle files patent law claim against stevia competitor

The food industry is big business. Many companies in California and elsewhere have patents on their products, and it stands to reason they want to maintain whatever edge they can in the market. They rely on patent law to provide them with the protections they need in order to stay competitive. For instance, PureCircle recently filed a lawsuit against Almendra, claiming the company infringed on its patents regarding the natural sweetener called Stevia.

Patent law claims seem to plague the technology industry

The technological advances of the last couple of decades have revolutionized the way people here in California and across the country live. Many of the companies who bring people the technology they rely on use similar platforms and components. For this reason, the industry seems to see numerous patent law claims.

Patent law news: Companies accuse each other of infringement

California smartphone users may not realize the amount of technology that goes into being able to turn the screen on their phones from vertical to horizontal. They may also not realize the amount of money involved in that technology as it relates to patent law. The current dispute between Eko, an interactive video company, and Quibi, a short-form mobile video streaming company, illustrates how important the ownership of this technology could be.

IBM relies on patent law to stop infringement once again

Individuals and companies here in California and elsewhere rely on intellectual property rights for protection. Companies like IBM hold patents on a variety of technologies, and they keep an eye on anyone who may use them without permission. Recently, IBM relied on patent law once again when it filed a lawsuit against Airbnb.

Apple couldn't get past patent law at the U.S. Supreme Court

Anytime California residents use "VPN on demand" or FaceTime on their iPhones or iPads, they are using technology that the courts say doesn't belong to Apple. VirnetX began patent law litigation against Apple back in 2010 alleging the smartphone giant infringed upon its patents for these technologies. Since that time, the case has made its way all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Don't give away too much when applying for a patent

Protecting intellectual property is a priority for many Sacramento inventors. Applying for a patent provides protections and benefits to them they would not otherwise have. This makes filling out the application a crucial part of the process, and it needs to be done carefully in order to increase the chances of receiving an approval.

Patent law dispute arises over inflatable heart

California inventors often find inspiration from other people's products. Perhaps they find a way to improve upon a design or make one of their own that may be similar, but still unique enough to make it unique. These inventors need to use caution, however, because they could end up violating patent law if their designs come close enough to be considered infringement on someone else's patent.

Creating a mediation statement in a patent law dispute

For many reasons, it would more than likely be advantageous for parties to a dispute to stay out of a California courtroom. If that is the preferred course of action for parties involved in a patent law dispute, then mediation could provide the desired results. In order to maximize the experience, it would be beneficial to create an effective mediation statement.

Did BMW violate patent law with regard to its hybrid engine?

When a Sacramento inventor wants to market an invention, it may become necessary to share certain details with prospective customers or clients. During these meetings, those individuals may decide to circumvent patent law by not obtaining the proper licensing to use the invention. This issue is at the heart of a recent lawsuit filed by Paice LLC and its investor, The Abell Foundation Inc., against BMW.

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