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Resolving technology law disputes through mediation

Computers, electronics and smartphones have revolutionized the way people live and work. As California entrepreneurs know, the technologies involved are worth a great deal of money, so when disputes arise, they can get contentious without some assistance. In order to more amicably resolve issues having to do with technology law, the parties can choose to go through mediation instead of going through the cost, time and effort of litigation.

The internet is a place ripe with intellectual property issues

Now more than ever, being online is an important part of life. Many here in California and elsewhere rely on e-commerce to get the goods they need. This makes businesses that primarily use the internet more vulnerable to intellectual property issues.

Some internet activities result in civil and criminal charges

Intellectual property is big business here in California and elsewhere and most companies do what they can to protect it. Before the internet, this was easier in some ways and more difficult in others. When companies discover their IP is in danger, the first inclination may be to file a civil claim, but the actions of those stealing or using trade secrets, patents, copyrights or trademarks without the permission of the owner could result in criminal charges as well.

The internet continues to be a source of copyright infringement

Has it really been 15 years since two men registered a website called YouTube? The site exploded on the internet in recent years as more people here in California and around the world found a way to earn a living uploading content for others to watch. According to the CEO Susan Wojcicki, the number of content creators with at least 100,000 subscribers grew 40% in the last year. Those creators earn five figures a year, which makes YouTube big business for a lot of people.

New year starts with lawsuits over using photos on the internet

An increasing number of individuals and companies find themselves facing lawsuits for copyright infringement for using photographs owned by someone else. Even broadcasting companies such as Lieberman Broadcasting and Bonneville International are not immune to these types of accusations. Both companies started off 2020 facing allegations they infringed on the copyrights of photographers for using certain photos in articles posted on the internet.

Using the internet could result in copyright infringement claims

When hearing about copyright infringement claims, it is only natural for individuals here in California to think of companies and celebrities facing these issues right along with many others across the country. In reality, anyone can become the target of such a claim. Simply using the internet creates that risk.

YouTubers could face blackmail re copyright infringement

The internet now provides a steady income for many people in California and across the country. Just a decade or so ago, no one would have thought that people could make hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars a year posting videos on YouTube. Now, there seem to be others out there who are trying to get popular channels shut down by claiming the owners commit copyright infringement.

Facebook's $5B privacy violation settlement

For many California residents, the internet is an essential part of their everyday lives. A computer and online access can be necessary to conduct business and do a person's job and can also facilitate many aspects of one's personal life such as travel, hobbies and interpersonal connections and relationships. The ubiquity of the internet cannot be denied any longer yet that also means that the concerns about personal privacy online only continue to grow.

Why is it so hard to protect IP on the internet?

Californian entrepreneurs and business owners like you have a much wider audience now than anyone who came before. The age of the internet has brought on a lot of great and innovative changes. However, as we at Peterson Watts Law Group will discuss, it has also brought about a lot of new risks and potential issues.

How can I identify a phishing email?

According to Webroot, a phishing attack involves sending a seemingly legitimate email that directs the recipient to visit a fraudulent link for the purpose of stealing information. This can include things like credit card numbers, banking information, and account passwords, and many companies and their employees are subject to surprisingly effective phishing scams to collect sensitive data. Being able to identify a phishing email is the first step towards protecting your business from cybercrime.

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