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Experienced White Collar Claims Attorneys

The experience that the attorneys at Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, bring in handling white collar claims is irreplaceable. There are times when civil cases overlap with criminal charges, and vice versa. We have substantial experience serving clients in this arena, on both sides of the charges, and in both state and federal courts.

Wide Variety Of Legal Representation Involving White Collar Claims

Our attorneys have dealt with white collar crime issues such as criminal copyright infringement, embezzlement and other financial crimes, securities law violations, conversion, trade secret theft, counterfeit goods, environmental and a variety of other white collar charges. This only becomes possible due to the credentials and qualifications of our lawyers.

We represent individuals, officers, directors, small businesses and corporations facing white collar claims. Our firm conducts its own independent investigation to determine precisely what occurred. We make certain your interests — financial and otherwise — receive protection when white collar claims arise.

Skilled Litigators, Investigators And Negotiators

Having attorneys on your side with our level of trial experience provides you a distinct advantage. In the white collar arena, investigative skill and technique is of paramount importance, especially in the federal system where prosecutors have seemingly endless investigative resources at their disposal, including the FBI. In this arena, you need lawyers who know the ropes and know how to strip down a claim to bare metal. That’s us.

We know how to investigate claims. Our investigative resources focus on uncovering what actually occurred, and finding exculpatory information wherever it might exist to mitigate or eliminate all penalties.

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