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Representation In Patent Dispute Matters

The lawyers at Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, have represented parties on all sides of intellectual property disputes for decades. A substantial portion of this practice involves patent infringement defense and patent enforcement litigation. We have represented plaintiffs in patent enforcement actions, as well as defendants facing patent infringement claims. Our extensive patent litigation experience positions us to resolve these cases short of trial, typically after the claims construction hearing or upon summary judgment. We have prosecuted and defended claims for pretrial injunctive relief, so working with us you will never be caught flat-footed. We prepare you for what is coming because we know what to expect.

While the patent rights to your inventions can be extremely valuable, protection of those rights is often costly and challenging. Others may wish to exploit what you’ve worked hard to create, stealing not only your ideas but also your Research and Development costs.

Our attorneys are qualified to prosecute patent infringements and defend your patent concerns in federal court. They have handled many complex cases and have also made certain our clients received fair compensation for the inventions they have created. Our knowledge and experience ensure that you receive protection when challenges to the patent are made or threatened.

Keeping Everything Simple

The goal of the patent process is to make certain: (1) You have the right to profit off of your own invention; (2) others compensate you when infringement of your invention occurs; and (3) courts establish your rights to a patent on your invention are valid.

The key to our success in patent litigation matters is the ability to make complicated concepts understandable. Through our litigation of so many cases, our attorneys understand how to communicate technical matters in understandable, plain language terms. They can make things understandable to judges and jurors. Because of their education and experience, our attorneys will fully understand how the patented item functions and, more importantly, understand through their experience how the patent-in-suit will hold up.

With all of their knowledge and skill, our attorneys are capable of providing the best possible patent representation for you. Our law firm makes certain your needs come first. As a client, you will work directly with our attorneys while having direct contact with them throughout the entire case.

How To Contact Our Law Office

Contact Peterson Watts Law Group, LLP, located in Roseville, California, by calling 916-749-1431.